After influencing from the Best and worst army actions, thought to discuss the worst and best economic decission ever taken by Indian government.

The thought expressed here are my personal and not from any opinion poll or survey.

Best Economic-General policy/Scheme

Green Revolution by Indhira Gandhi was the scheme that changed the Indian Agriculture Industry. The revolution was called after US sent spoiled grains to India as aid. The government decided not to ask anything from US as an aid and strived to become self dependant . Green revolution resulted in substantial increase of food production and soon India became the largest producer of many crops.


Worst Economic-General Policy/Scheme

The worst scheme without any doubt would be the NREGA scheme implemented by Congress ruled government. The scheme is doubted as a Vote Bank tactics by Congress.

The scheme resulted in heavy loss to treasury due to corruption involved and no flow back of money to treasury in any form.

The scheme have drained the government treasury. And as per an article in Hindubusinessline "Those who claim that welfare schemes ought to prevent the migration of workers from rural areas are promoting dependency and idleness and destroying the work ethic."


Posted 4 years, 2 months ago by Prakash mehta

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