Are we a capitalist country of Socialistic country? You have no answer because we are none of these, we are a Khichadi economy. Thanks to our confused governments, but thankfully we have a party which claims to be right Right wing supporter.

Right things happening without much Noise-Cut in MGNREGA jobs

Our first prime minister took the seat and drived country through a confused and non-sense road leading to nowhere. We cannot say we are a full free democracy, we cannot say we are social or capitalist economy, we cannot say we are developed or developing.

We are in a big mesh and thanks to Congress party which ruled country for a long period, infact ruling in many states.

I came through a recent social media share by congress, blasting Modi government for cut in MGNREGA jobs. I will say what a great thing done by Indian government.

Can you support the act of government distributing money for votes. The money came from pockets of tax payers. Congress started this and now want BJP to continue doing it.

How a country with highest population in world die from hunger support this program? Even if we consider for a moment that MGNREGA is something very special for poorest or poor, how can we support this when working class does not have to access to any good thing.

MGNREGA have not done anything good but made a large number of people lezy, who come for an hour, take basic wage, drink and pass the day.

Anything useful is done through MGNREGA? What labours at MGNREGA do is dig a hole for others to fill it.

Its high time that congress start thinking of nation as a whole, instead of dividing people based on caste, religion, poor-rich for sake of vote banks.

Congress, claims itself as biggest massiah of Muslims. We are aware of condition of Muslims in this country, they are treated as second class citizens. Not because of their religion but Congress made everyone think like this.

MGNREGA started by Congress, the world biggest employement plan for rural public has drained the government treasury without providing any benefits to country.

The money which was infused in this program never returned to economy and wiol never return. The money will go in the pockets of Lalas, waiting for their loan dues.

Can Congress list some benefits of MGNREGA? But, please do not claim employement, it is only for six months and wages are nbot enough to support once ventures.

You can read the article of Congress here.

Posted 2 years, 6 months ago by Rahul Rai

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