Domain name is the address of your website. For a layman domain name or URL is what you type in your browser to visit any website.

To have a website of your own, you must buy a domain name. You need to register your domain before you can launch your own website. Buying and registering a domain is very simple and easy process. Your all doubts and queries with respect to Domain Registration, how to buy a cheap domain and how to register a domain are solved below in a FAQ style.

What is a Domain name?

Domain name is an identity that gives you power to control the address of your webpage (this definition is for layman and not a technical definition). Domain names are ruled as per Domain Name System (DNS). A name registered in DNS becomes a domain name.

For a layman, a domain name is the address of his webpage. For example, domain name for this site is Similarly you can buy any domain name which is not already registered and launch your own website.

What are .com,, .in etc. in a domain name?

.Com, .In etc. are the Top Level Domain or TLD, TLD are the highest level domain on internet. As of now around 21 top level domains are registered. .Com, .Org and .Net are general top level domains whereas .In, .Us etc. are country specific domains.

How to buy a cheap domain name and register a Domain name?

You can a domain name from any domain registrar company. You can buy your domain name from many website present online. The top domain registrar companies in world are:

  4. Hover and
  5. Tucow among others

You need to create an account on any of the website, once account is created you can search for your desired domain name and if available you can register your domain by paying the applicable fee.

Domain name is for life time or one need to renew the domain name every year?

Domain names are not for lifetime, you can buy a domain for maximum of 10 years. You can buy a domain name for 1 year or more years but upto 10 years.

Domain names needs to be renewed before expiry date. If is not necessary that you must renew your domain name only after or before the expiry of domain name. You can renew your domain name even next day of your buy.

How much a Domain name cost? How much it cost to buy a domain name?

Different registrars charge different rates. You will find that domain names are sold from $1 to 30$ for a year. Domain names should not be bought only based on the discounted price, you should consider other factors also such as speed, customer support, payment method among many others.

It is always advisable to read the available reviews of registrars before you make a purchase. You can search on Google reviews of domain registrar you are using to buy your domain name.

Why renewal of Domain name cost more than buying a new domain?

Domain registrar companies also need customers; they give you upfront discounts to make you a paying customer. To beat the competition, huge discounts are offered while buying a domain name. However, at time of renewal you are already a customer and discount makes no sense.

Domain registrars to prevent domain transfers do offer discounts. Keep a check on your mail inbox for the discount codes sent by your registrar from time to time.

Some tricks to buy a domain name for cheap price by using discount coupons and referrals

The best thing about E-Commerce (even buying and selling of domain name fall under E-Commerce industry) is that you have access to all sellers and can compare their prices. This advantage to buyers has resulted as disadvantage to domain name registrars.

Competition is huge and so is the profit margin. To acquire more and more customers, domain registrar companies are competing based on discounts offered to buyers.

You can buy a cheap domain name by using following hacks

  1. Always visit your domain registrar website in private window of you browser, cookies are set by websites to calculate the price. If you are visiting a particular site regularly, cookies increase the price.
  2. Check out the referral websites or referral codes, registrars give discount links to existing customers, existing customer when refer someone they get free credit or dollars and new customer also gets discount.
  3. Discount coupons are available everywhere and can help you get discount up to 90%, spend some time may be 5 minutes in searching and using different discount codes to get the maximum discount.

One of my favorite is, add the domain name in your Kart and do not make payment. Your registrar will prompt you to make payment and will keep sending discount codes to reduce the price. You can compare even the discounted price of different registrar, you can create account at all registrars and compare the discount coupons received through you mail.

Posted 3 years, 2 months ago by SEO Guru

Nice Information shared by you. it will help all the new Business persons who want to start Ecommerce

Posted 3 years, 2 months ago by SANJAY KUMAR GANNA

What happens if someone lost his login id and password of Godaddy or other registrar. How to retrieve the password and user id?

I know there is forgot password option but the new credentials will be sent to registered mail Id, what happens if I some lose his registered mail ID credentials also?

Posted 3 years, 2 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

@ Sanjay, Thank you for your appreciation.

@Pulkit, in this situation need to contact registrar. After verifying all details they may give user id and password.

Posted 3 years, 2 months ago by SEO Guru

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