There are lot of speculations behind Mr. Chandrashekar Kakal's exit from L&T infotech's COO poition, but one rumour is quite strong.


L&T Infotech's board appointed another Infy's ex employee Mr. Sanjay Jalona, Mr. Jalona was younger to Mr. Kakal in both age and experiance, Mr. Jalona was appointed as CEO where as Mr. Kakal was appointed COO.

we are surely not sure of the exact reasons behind his exit but surely this mistery behind his sudden exit are raising too many eyebrows in media.

L&T Infotech has seen to many exists in past at its top leadership.

Below is the last mail by Mr. Kakal sent to Infoknights


"Dear Friends,


As you might be aware by now, after 15 months of exhilarating and memorable stint at L&T Infotech, I am moving on to lead a ‘Life Beyond IT’ and pursue my personal passion. August 31, 2015 will be my last day at L&T Infotech.


As I move on, would like to take a moment to remember and cherish the journey of last 15 months at L&T in my second stint. It’s been great interacting with all of you through one to one  or team meetings, town halls, e-chats and other channels established for communication at L&T Infotech in my tenure. L&T Infotech is an untold story which needs to unfold now. As a company which can ‘leverage the present and engage the future’ the organization itself will have to keep transforming through new structures and leaderships. For a Sustainable Tomorrow, Business Excellence is the only saviour. Hope the comprehensive framework that we have put together as ‘BEST’ has helped understand  the need for the transformation and its implementation will help L&T Infotech traverse the journey and scale new heights.


During last Father’s Day my 13 year old daughter made a card for me. It said “Walk a little slower, daddy…sometimes your steps are very fast, sometimes hard to see…..for I must follow you”. I heard her inner voice and made my choice to strike a balance.


I will still be in the industry in various capacities. Coaching and mentoring some start-ups and help them scale is one such, while I will continue to pursue my other interests in life. Helping set up digital infrastructure for rural education starting from the school I studied to innovation in agriculture to benefit the communities are only a few of those. Hope we will meet again through any of these common interests. Till we meet again, goodbye….


I can be reached on my personal email: XXXXXXXXXXX and phone: +91-XXXXXXXXXX. You can also reach me on LinkedIn, Facebook and WhatsApp.


With Best Regards,

Chandrashekar Kakal

Chief Operating Officer, L&T Infotech

27th Aug, 2015, Mumbai

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