For 2014, I have done ITR. It is processed and asked for a demand . As I was not sure why this demand has asked later I came to know there was mismatch in TDS 26AS. So I asked to correct 26AS and they have done it. So I want to raise a request for Rectification .

Can you please tell me which is the option I need to consider why raising the rectification?

below are the options provided while raising the request.

1. Taxpayer Correcting Data for Tax Credit mismatch only
2. 'Taxpayer is correcting the Data in Rectification
3.No further Data Correction required. Reprocess the case

Which option do I need to select for rectification.


I am confused as 1 or 3? As My 26AS is updated now and i want to raise rectification request saying to check now.

Posted 1 year, 11 months ago by dinesh reddy

you should select option 3

Posted 1 year, 11 months ago by CA Ankur Agrawal

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