VAT laws differs in each state in India. The rules are different, procedures are different. Today we will understand the vat registration procedure and documents required for vat registration.

Who should get VAT Registration in Rajasthan?

If you trading, manufacturing or performing any other transactions and meet the following creteria then VAT registration becomes compulsory for you.



Requirement for Registration


Importer of Goods Registration Mandatory – No Limit for Turnover


Manufacturer of Goods If the Turnover exceed Rs. 200,000/-


Dealer registered under CST Act, 1956 Registration Mandatory for VAT/Sales Tax in Rajasthan


Other Dealers If the Turnover exceed Rs. 10,00,000/-


Dealer dealing exclusively in exempted Goods Not Required for Registration but Voluntarily may take

What is the procedure in Rajasthan to get VAT/TIN registration?

The procedure for VAT registration in rajasthan is explained in below steps:

  1. Go to online website of Rajasthan state government commercial taxes website.
  2. Apply for the new vat registration.
  3. Fill the basic details of your business, including commodities traded, nature of business among others.

Details to be filled in form are:

  •  Dealer Details
  •  Commodity & Constitution
  •  Proprietor-Partner
  •  Other Business
  •  Closed Business
  •  Surety/Security-Bank
  •  Branches-Additional Places
  •  Business Manager

Once the details in forms are filled, you need to generate the aknowledgement. Submit the aknowledgement to VAT department along with list of documents required. Aknowledgement in VAT-01 form should be submitted within 10 days along with documents.

What are the documents required for VAT registration in Rajasthan?

The documents required for vat registration in Rajasthan are:

  1. Affidavit in Form VAT-01B
  2. Declaration of business manager in Form VAT-02
  3. Copy of partnership deed, if any, memorandum and articles of association of a company, deed of trust, registration and memorandum of association of society, certified by the applicant
  4. Copy of resolution passed by Board of Directors, in case of a company and of governing body, in case of other entities, for authorisation of a person to file the application for registration, certified by the applicant
  5. Security required to be furnished as per section 15 of the Act in such form as prescribed in rule 77
  6. Signed photo, duly attested by a gazetted officer or notary public, of
    • proprietor, in case of Proprietorship concern
    • every Partner, in case of Partnership firm
    • Managing Director/Director or authorized signatory, in case of a Company
    • karta, in case of Hindu Undivided Family or
    • authorized signatory, in all other cases

       7. Copy of permanent account number allotted by the Income Tax Department

      8. Copy of rent deed or rent receipt or electricity bill or telephone bill or water bill or own property documents, in support of address proof; and

       9. Duly cancelled blank cheque.

The documents along with aknowledgement should be submitted within 10 days of making application.

What is the cost for registration of VAT in Rajasthan?

The cost of vat registration in Rajasthan is around Rs. 12000 which include security deposit and other expenses. However the cost may vary from professional to professional. If you need to appoint a CA then cost will depend on the fees charged by CA.

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This is a very god article for those who have following doubts:

What is the procedure for vat registration in Rajasthan, this includes cities such as Jaipur, Jodhpur?

What are the documents required for vat registration in Rajasthan?

What is the cost of vat registration in Rajasthan?

How long it takes to register for vat in Rajasthan?

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