Quikr and OLX, both are fighting tough to capture the classifieds market. What you think which is doing better?

Can both survive in long term or one has to and die and which one?

Posted 2 years ago by Prakash mehta

Quikr and OLX both are doing good if we see the number of visitors on the sites. Though the numbers are directly related to their spendings on advertisements.

The business will be stable if they are able to get visitors without help of advertisers.

Quikr is now moving to vertical classifieds diverting itself from horizontal classifieds. Quikr cars, Quikr homes are now being advertised instead of Quikr as a standalone product.

In terms of differentiation Quikr is doing good. Chat app and vertical assistance is a good move by Quikr. OLX has not changed much since launch and is concentrating and advertising as a classified website.

Although both are doing good but lets see the number of visitors and app installs of each portal.

OLX vs Quikr comparison

If you see the comparison between both sites, Quikr is doing good. Quikr is spending more on advertisements too compared to OLX. However due to global presence of OLX, brand value of OLX is higher.

But other matrix shows OLX in good light such as time spent on time and page views. Even the bounce rate of olx is better than Quikr.

Overall OLX seems to be doing good.

Both Quikr and OLX have almost equal numbers of installations and even user rating are similar.

As of now it seems both can survive together but question is how long. May upto either of them decides to make any real profit.


Posted 2 years ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

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