Adsense is an ad-network by Google. Bloggers or website owners can subscirbe to adsense for moentizing their websites and blogs.

Adsense is one of the best ad-network, infact the top adnetwork when it comes to earnings and ease of use. Just copy the code and you do not have to work on searching advertisers. Google does it for you.

There are many bloggers and website owners, who are earning big time with Google Adsense.

How do one earn with Google Adsense?

First you need to sign up with Google Adsense. Once you sign up and you account is approved by Google adsense team, you are ready to earn with Google Adsense.

It is required that you obey the Adsense policies to avoid any wrong action including blocking of account taken on your site.

After implementing code on your site, Google will show ads related to topic of your website and also interest of users visiting your site.

Google Adsense is the exit door for the Google Adwords. Google Adword is the advertising platform for advertisers who want to advertise their products/services on Google platforms including Adsense partners.

Advertisers bid on keywords, higher the competition, higher the advertising rates.

Which are the top keywords or niche to earn high with Google Adsense program?

From the previous heading, you got an idea that Adsense earning totally depends on topics covered by your blog/website.

You must be interested to know which topics/keywords/niche can get you higher income.

The list of top paying keywords in Google Adsense is given below:

Health - Health related topics are very competitive. Bidders bid high for these keywords since profit margin for advertisers is high. Even in health category, weight lose ads are very high performing ads.

Technology - Technology related keywords/niche is another big hit. Since the advertisers have margins upto 99% in this category, they do not mind paying high for advertising their products. Domain, Hosting, SEO related topics generate good revenue.

Finance - Finance, banking, insurance, loans among other related services are high paying keywords/niche you should not avoid. Another service sector niche that pays really well. With limited number of visitors you can earn good income from Google Adsense.

Make Money Online - Make money online is another topic that can generate easy money for your blog or website.

Top earning niche keywords in adsense for the year 2016 and Adsense guide

How much can I earn with 100, 500, 1000 visitors on my site or blog?

Your earning depends on many factors. There is no straight rule to calculate your exact earnings but you can estimate your earnings.

Factors on which your earning will depend are:

  1. Country from which your visitors on site come,
  2. Keywords/niche of your blog or site,
  3. Click through rate on your website

These are top factors to influance your earnings. If your visitors are from developed countries such as USA, UK or Canada you will earn  good income even with 100, 500 or 1000 visitors. However if majority of your traffic is from Asian countries such as India, Pakistan or Bangaladesh your earnings will be really less.

Reason for low earnings in India is that advertisers do not pay much while bidding for the keywords.

Posted 2 years ago by SEO Guru

How much can I earn with Indian traffic with monthly visits of 1500?

I have a blog with traffic of 1500 per month. How much can I earn?

Posted 2 years ago by Prakash mehta

Your earnings totally depends on the niche of your blog. From your profile it seems you must be running a general information blog.

Suppose your CPC (cost per click) is .10$ and your have CTR (click through rate) of 2%. You must be having 30 clicks, that equal to 3$.

Posted 2 years ago by SEO Guru

From my experiance I will add that, highest bidding even among low paying keywords can be earned if you have a strong page.

By strong page I mean a page which ranks top on the google search.

You will earn good if your visitors come from Google or other search engine searching for a product. Visitors from social networks such Facebook, Twitter does not generate much income.

Posted 2 years ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

What about tax related matters, I mean if we publish legal stuffs say Income Tax or lawyers related articles and discussion on Tikshare?

Posted 2 years ago by Rahul Rai

As implied service related advertisements or keywords really pay well. Legal ads are highly optimized for bidding and generate good earnings.

Posted 2 years ago by SEO Guru

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