Today attainded a quotation opening ceremony. It was first time that i attaindad anything like this.

The lessons and experiance i got are:

  1. When you apply for quotation, quote the tectical numbers like 49,999. Lowest one get the contract and 49,999 is less than 50,000.
  2. Before you apply for any quote, do a through study. Aply marginal costing and how much you can exploit your resources.
  3. One quotation had costing sheet explaining how much cost company will incure and how much the bidder will help them to save if he is appointed. I mean company save by selecting lowest bidder and not by seeing at oppurtunity cost saved.
  4. Dont confuse the officers. Give a simple and straight forward quotation, one bid was almost about to be cancelled because of this.
  5. Switch off the mobile, you may miss the lessons you can learn there.

Posted 4 years, 2 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

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