Google Adsense is one of the top and best ad-network. Many are getting 6 figure earnings from Adsense. However Indian publishers are making very less from Google Adsense.

Why Low CPC for Indian web traffic?

Indian publishers getting visitors from USA, UK or Cannada also get low CPC, why this differentiation in earnings?

What should be done by Indian publishers and webmasters to increase the eranings from Google Adsense?

Posted 1 year, 8 months ago by Stock Guru

You are right when you say that CPC is low for Indian websites and blogs. India is a developing country and not a developed country, advertisers do not spend much and bidding rates are lower compared to developed country such USA, UK or cannada.

The average CPC for Indian web traffic is $.05 and with good categories, high paying Adsense niche and keywords you can achieve average CPC upto $.20 and that is maximum I have seen.

The simple theory is that Indian advertisers do not pay more so publishers get lower earnings compared to developed countries.

You can increase your earning only by increasing your web traffic. Concetrate on SEO and get more visitors for your website, more visitors will convert to higher earnings.

Average Adsense earnings for 1000 visitors daily on an Indian website is around $1, for same number of visitors you will earn $5 or more in developed countries.

Either you need to increase the number of visitors on your site and try to get visitors from developed countries.

I have not seen any Indian publisher earnings more than .50$ per click, you will find people earning more than 5$ per click in developed countries.

Your question regarding lower CPC even if visitor is from developed country seems to be true. I manage few sites which get majority of visitors from India and occassionaly some visitors from USA but however CPC is around .10$.

Google Adsense must be applying some sort of algoritham to reduce the earnings or adjust the bid if main country is not USA.

Sometime it so happens that visitors may be from India but IP shows USA.

Posted 1 year, 8 months ago by SEO Guru

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