I am about to start a frozen foods business. i am planning on starting it in a small way from my home itself under sole propreitorship. I was told that i need to get a Current account form a bank and that would be all. Since i will be selling my products to customers i understand that I will require VAT/TIN and alike registerations. Kindly help me with the following question that i have clarifications with.

1) Do i need VAT/TIN as my turnover will not be more than 5lac per annum. If yes what would be the approx charges i should be prepared for?

2) Is there any registeration procedure to start a Sole Prop firm?

3) i do not intend to have a shop at the moment. so do i need to have a name board and address and such.

4) do i require a company PAN??

5) do i have to file returns ?

Please guide



Posted 4 years, 5 months ago by Siddarth Aiyappa

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