Narendra Modi was elected as prime minister with a great hope. Indian voted the most popular prime minister to see a change.

Almost 2 years are completing and we have not seen any improvement either at government deaprtments or economy.

Old Congress schemes are active, new schemes are launched. It seems like old wine in new bottle. I was a Modi supporter but now I started believing in Congress.

I will speak my concerns as a working accountant. I had much hopes with Great Narendra Modi. My hopes were that laws specially tax laws would become much simpler. Paper work will be reduced, document red tape will go off.

But nothing has changed, the old rules and acts formed at time of Congress are continuing. If BJP government is not changing any of these rules which are blocking the developement road, why we voted them. Congress was much better atleast they enacted those laws.

Registering a company in India was a nightmare, lot of documents preparation is required. 99% these documents are never in a perfect arrangement to get you company registered at one shot. The situation is same even now.

It was just an example, nothing has changed.

To Narendra Modi,

Sir, You launched StartupIndia, MakeinIndia, Skill India and many other schemes but believe me none of these will work unless you act on what you say. Till this day non of your promises are executed and I do not see a hope also as normally last 2 years are reserved for election compaining.

Posted 1 year, 8 months ago by Rahul Rai

If you ask me, everyone who voted for BJP is now fealing cheated. None of the promises are fulfilled.

Railways- No improvement

Defense - Pathankot attack indicates everything is same.

Economy - Nothing noteable done.

Foreign relation and image - Great work done but no real benefits seen.

You wrote about company law, I do not follow this stream but it seems these things can be done easily as parliament is not involved in executing these things. Particular ministory has to work on it.

Till this date Namo government is a complete fail.

Posted 1 year, 8 months ago by Prakash mehta

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