Hello Sir, 

one of client running business of his father and TIN No.is also in his father name.  His father allowed him to continue the business.


can we change the KVAT TIN father's name to his son's name? 


Thanking you. 

Posted 1 year ago by S.M Navale

Registration in case of individuals is non-transferable. You need to take fresh registration.

Posted 1 year ago by CA Pulkit Sharma


Thank you .

His father handed over all the business  to his son .  also mentioned on a e-stamp paper(power of Attorney).   now can the son be the proprietor of the business, though the TIN no.is in his father's name.  can the business income is included in son's income.  the son has no other income. 


Posted 1 year ago by S.M Navale

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