Dear sir me from Bangalore, my name is girish.

I need help from you.

Me having a shop of battery sales and service, nowdays some people telling me to get tin no.but i have question is needed for my business?,my turnover billing is approximate to 3.5lac per year(1st april to 31st march).

I have all purchase bills and sales bills copys.

Pls let me know is tin no is needed for me?

Posted 3 years, 9 months ago by Girish G

TIN number is required if your sales are liable to tax. In Karntaka as of now 10 lakh is the limit for VAT liability. However to avoid regular inspection by officers, you can take TIN.

TIN number is also required if you are dealing in interstate goods ie buying and selling out of Karnataka.

Posted 3 years, 9 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma



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Posted 3 years, 8 months ago by AMARNATH M

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