I got a new apple macbook with MAC OSX, it seems digital signatures with token does not work. Anyone know what settings or apps to be installed to use DSC token to sign on MCA login page?

As of now I have downloaded Java Runtime enviroment and drivers of token.

Posted 1 year ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

Not sure about mac book, but use in mozilla. It may work.

Posted 1 year ago by manish dalmia

Tried mozila, safari both no results. Any of your contacts using mac, if you can confirm and help on this matter!!!

Thank in advance.

Posted 1 year ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

Download Java u 51 and uninstall other Java. There should be only one Java in the system. Some error will show and it will ask permission to run it.

I have windows OS and for me it as worked. 

This solution is for Windows.. not sure abt mac.


let me know if it works.

Posted 1 year ago by manish dalmia

This solution does not work in MAC OSX EL Capiton. I do use 2 laptops because of this comlexity in MAC.

Posted 1 year ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

Searched a lot, it seems Income Tax java utilities for dsc and MCA sites does not support MAC OS X. Have to wait till our government appoints some sensible people.

Posted 12 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

Install a second OS(Windows)  in MAC via VMware Fusion. this will solve your problem.

I am also doing the same.

Posted 1 month, 3 weeks ago by Rahul Sinhal

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