Tax inspector inspected my premises I showed my house and also separate entrance place part of my house but they are told me  not eligible to give a tin registration to you.And this house also own house but my grand father name registered house  but he died before 1year ago i  also provided death certificate and one more  they ask me what type of business you are doings I told silk saree's both hand loom and Power loom saree's and I also build e commerce my website and apps also for this business only I am making online not pysical shop but they told me we are not able to issues tin registration to online business holders we are also go to ban flip kart snapdeal also and all they told like that .they gave me one acknowledge ment notice sheet and also they get sign from me one more copy  they took that and they told me OK come Wednesdays to office we will speak with tax commissioner let them think what append

Sir its possible to get Tin to my business please let me know sir please

Posted 1 year, 2 months ago by Harish Babu

Hi Harish,

For house they won't issue the TIN certificate..its require commercial business place..


We ll help on this pls reach us nine seven three nine eight eight nine two two six or




Posted 1 year, 2 months ago by AMARNATH M

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