A scam that is worth more than all combined scams in independate India is totally ignored by Indian media.

Thorium Scam- the story ignored by media

The scam is Thorium Scam by UPA government. Thorium is the key material that can replace uranium in nuclear plant running. But government have allowed according to a report in the Statesman, the government has failed to control the export of monazite,  the raw material from which thorium can be extracted, and has allowed 2.1 million tonnes of it to be extracted.

Report states that if we value 100$ for 1 tonne of Monatize then the loss to country is 48 Lakh crore!!!

The whole scam was unearthed when a RTI activists filed a RTI application to PMO siking the details.

The application was filed on 30 November 2011 by Kodikunnel Suresh asking the PM’s response regarding minig and exports of beach sand that contains Monatize.

Narayanaswamy stated that licence under the Atomic Energy Act was necessary for monazite and thorium export. However, being prescribed substances, no licence was given for its export. The Prime Minister, who heads the Department of Atomic Energy, delisted these heavy minerals from the prescribed substances list vide SO 61 (E) dated 20 January, 2006. This was done to facilitate their export by private companies, with licences being granted with the proviso that “having undertaken to comply with the conditions prescribed in the Atomic Energy (Working of mines, minerals hand handling of prescribed substances) Rules, 1984, licence is issued with the approval of the Licensing Authority.”

Scam is not aired much by Indian Media. Is congress controlling the paid media to save itself from further damages?

It seems UPAII have crossed all limits of being corrupt, the only thing now left is to put Auction board at Tajmahal and parliament.

A news report on 60 Lakh crore Thorium scam


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