hi All, 

we have just registered our small tour n travel company in another state by proprietorship but we also want to open a small branch office in bangalore. we require a few details and guidance for the same. 


1) Process for registration in bangalore ?

2) Cost for registration ? 

3) Taxes applicable to be paid as a travel agent ? 

4) what are the types of services that can be a part of the tour n travel licence . eg- lodge, PG , Service apartment ? can these be a part of the same licence or not ?

5) documentation required for registration ? 

6) Logo registration - Cost ?


i request if we could get clearity on the same on an urgent basis. 

pls feel free to mail me on md.blrrooms@gmail.com

thks in advance. 



Posted 3 years, 9 months ago by Domnic Dias

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