The foreign exchange market can be regarded as the most active trading markets in the whole world, where the participants ranges from multinational corporations to large banks, to speculators, to governments and even individual professional traders. For an investor, the instability of foreign currency prices can result in heavy losses. There are some other risks that you need to consider. You need to be aware of forex scams as well. Forex scam is the trading scheme that is used to defraud traders. And this is done by convincing the traders that they can expect to earn a huge amount of profit by taking part in forex trading. In practice, a scam can be a lack of transparency in the pricing, a failure to return money owed to traders, unresponsiveness to customer complaints, lack of transparency in the execution of transactions and targeting of vulnerable individuals.

Check if it appears too good to be true

There are many trading systems out there in the forex market that are operating as an automatic trading robot. They promise to deliver huge amount of profits every time you trade. But the fact is that there is no easy money in this market. Most of these so called “robots” are actually scams and they are made to take your money away. The best advice in this regard is to avoid these kinds of sites. If it sounds and feels unreal, then it probably is.

Know expert reviews

One great way to judge if a company is a scam, is to follow expert reviews before trying them. You can find these reviews on different forex forums as well as independent review sites and blogs that are unbiased. These sites not only publish free reviews, but also the list of best trading systems as well as scams in the trading market. Viewing these reviews, you will get to know which trading system to choose and which ones to avoid.  


There will be at least one authority by which a serious participant in the market will be regulated. In America, the American NFA is the toughest authority in America. In a general country, a stamp from the NFA, CFTC, FSA or any other reputed institute does not necessarily mean that the company is genuine, but it’s better than nothing. Stay away from companies that are listed in some exotic island.

Demo account

Use a forex demo account for a basic broker check. You can find robots that actually have good performances. But in order to be assured, you need to check it out. You can use a demo account for this purpose. A demo account doesn’t require use of real money for trading. This is a type of account where you can practice trading without using real money.

If you consider following the above tips, you will increase your chances in the lucrative foreign exchange market. 

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