My name is Arun. I have plans to sell Leather Accesorries, T-Shirts and Shorts through E-Commerce Market Places and below are few questions that I need answers to before I could make a decision.

  • Since VAT is mandatory, I will apply for it. However, Since my turnover might not exceed over 5 lakhs, do I still need to file VAT return on the VAT charged to the customers or do I have an option not to charge VAT to my end customers even after having a VAT certificate
  • What is the VAT rate for the products that I would be selling - Leather accesorries, T-Shirts and SHorts
  • What is CENVAT?
  • As per the rules, Market places normally deduct their Fee and then credit the amount to our bank account. Should I be paying VAT for the amount after deduction or for the amount that I am selling the product for?

Please advice.

Thank You

Arun Poojary

Posted 4 years, 2 months ago by Arun Poojary

Hello Arjun,


VAT is mandatory for e commercia businee even turnover below 5 lacks ..

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Posted 4 years, 2 months ago by AMARNATH M

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