I am planning to open the new enterprise on white/green boards selling dealership. As of now, our new business will not cross not more than 7 lakhs/year surely hence let me know can i need to have vat registration now or no need of this?

Need to know the importance of vat registration/without registration, is this effect the business if i am not taking registration and many government firms and big firms need vat registration so without having this they will not give orders for us?

Please clarify all these queries clearly. Thanks in advance.




Posted 3 years, 9 months ago by Sanjeev S

Procedure for new VAT registration.

To initiate an e-registration (under COVIS e-services), dealer needs to click on the new registration. On clicking new registration, dealer will be asked to create ID and password. 1. Name 2, Trade, 3, Password 4,  Re-type password. 

Dealer will be required to submit VAT-1, annexure -1, Annexure - 2, Annexure - 3, Security details CST form. Further dealer will upload all the required supporting documents on the portal. After making the online payment of fees the dealer will have option to edit the details or submit the form. The form will not be submitted until the mandatory fields are filled. Once dealer has cross verified the details, 

Company incorporation in india

Posted 3 years, 9 months ago by Neeraj bhagat

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