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To get an ISP license following is the procedure 

1. To obtain an ISP license, you require a registered company under the Companies Act, 1956 (now Companies Act 2013). You can log on to the Registrar of Companies’ website for more information on how to register a company if you haven’t already registered yours or can contact me i can guide you on this.

2. The next step to obtaining an ISP license is to know / decide which category of license you require – category A, B or C. for detail of cateogries you can refer

3.The 3 categories of ISP licenses are:

  1. Class A (National Area)
  2. Class B (Telecom Circle/Metro Area)
  3. Class C (Secondary Switching Area)

Class A ISP license would be quite expensive, followed by Class B & C respectively which is very much natural.

4. To promote internet access in smaller towns, cities & villages, the Government of India has made a conscious effort to ease prices of a Class C license compared to a Class A or B license.

 for eg. the total capital required for a Class C license is INR 90,000/- whereas for a Class A license is as high as 2 ½ crores.

Thus, in order to become a Class C ISP licence holder, you don’t require more than Rs. 2–3 lakhs, depending on the other consulting fees etc.

5. a) After you have chosen your ISP license category, you will need to fill out an application here

   b) Along with the form, a non-refundable Processing Fee of INR 15,000/- (kindly confirm the amount) must be paid by the applicant, along with 2 copies of the application form, by DD/Pay Order from a Schedule Bank payable at New Delhi issued in the name of Pay & Accounts Officer (Headquarter) DOT.

   c) Provide all required official documents. list of documents required


6. After you submit  the application form along with the required documents & fees, the Department of Telecom will review your application & respond to you, the applicant, in under 60 days,as far as practicable i.e. in case there are any issues with your application, there may be a delay in the issuing of a response from the DOT.

If there is no problem with your complete application, the DOT will issue a ‘Letter of Intent’ in your favor.

However, there are chances that your application may be rejected or delayed due to non-compliance with legal, security, hardware, commercial and contractual compliance and human errors such as incomplete form submission.

Therefore, it is important to get an ISP consultant / lawyer to review your application before you submit your application form for obtaining the ISP authorization under the Unified License .

following is a link to ISP consultant 

Disclaimer: I am a Practicing Chartered Accountant i have no relation with the above mention firm, you can consult other ISP consultant which you found suitable.

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