Hello Sir,

I want to start a new business of retail trade in Sanitary wares, building materials, Tiles, Hardware products. The goods would be purchased from Delhi and would be sold in Bangalore.I just want to enquire :

1. What are all the registrations required under Sales Tax Act and any other act?

2.I am staying on rent in Bangalore so what documents would ber required, as my permanent address is in Karnataka?

3. If I want to start the business from my home, what would be the documents required?


Ravindranath Nayak

Posted 3 years ago by RNN 🇮🇳

This is highly discussed topic on Tikshare.

Please read the following discussions and if you have any doubts, reply.

Documents for vat registration

Registration provisions under Karnataka VAT- This is bit technically

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Posted 3 years ago by Rahul Rai

 Thank you Rahul Rai

I have a doubt on can I register vat on my residence address?

Posted 3 years ago by RNN 🇮🇳

No you cannot legally. You need to have a commercial space. If you have a shop kind of space with separate entrance, you can or more specifically if its a shop.

Posted 3 years ago by Rahul Rai

Thank you sir

Posted 3 years ago by RNN 🇮🇳


Posted 3 years ago by AMARNATH M

Hi Amarnath,

Stand in a signal with board and beg for client. Try this to check whether you will get clients.

Many times its repeated here that do not advertise. Come with a solution. If members like your solution they will surely get in touch with you.

Posted 3 years ago by anonymous user

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