When I started my practice as a Chartered Accountant, I had no options to market except face to face meeting the known professionals. However, thanks to wide reach of internet, Tikshare helped me to get the clients and today 90% of the clients find me on Tikshare.

You can also achieve this success and make a significant positive impact on your business or profession. Here are some tricks and useful tips on how to get clients online.

Know your target clients

It is very important before starting marketing that you decide who your potential customers/clients are. For example, when I started as a young CA, I wanted to target people and startups looking for VAT registration services. I chose this after researching and noticing that big companies normally appoints professionals through referrals or personal touch.

To make a name and target the people looking for VAT registration, I started writing about Karnataka VAT on Tikshare. Today if you search on Google, about 'VAT registration in Karnataka' , my discussions comes on first page in Google.

If you are discussing on Tikshare, only to find clients, decide your audience first. If you want clients looking for Income Tax matters, start discussion on Income Tax matters. For example, you can start a discussion 'How to issue form 15CB and form 15CA for USA entities.' or if you are looking for web-development clients, you can start a discussion as ' Why you should have a website and how to get more business from a website ' etc.

Post a detailed and in depth discussion

If you look at my VAT discussions, you will find that I have posted very detailed and in depth posts. Smaller posts are generally ignored by visitors on site and also do not rank higher on Google.

While posting a discussion, keep these in mind:

  1. Write for users.
  2. Write in detailed
  3. Make it actionable, use bullet points and divide discussion in different headings.
  4. It should be useful for users reading the discussion.
  5. Avoid spelling mistakes.
  6. Quote sections and relevant laws wherever applicable, this shows your expertise.
  7. Never ever advertise your firm or contact details in post. Put an ad in classifieds and also provide contact details in your profile.

Share your discussion on social media

After posting your discussion on Tikshare, share your post on social media such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter.

Sharing your post not only increases the audience size but also helps you get more eye balls. For example, sharing one of my post on Facebook got me 5 service tax clients.

Engage with you audience

Whenever you post a discussion, users may have further doubts. It is a good practice to engage with users, who ask questions.

Appreciate users by up voting useful replies.

Sometime, you may miss some points which later on are asked by users. Replying will complete the discussion by including missed content in your post.

Posted 4 years, 1 month ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

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