Hi CA Colleagues,


Could any one help with a macro enabled excel file, I found one on this forum but am unable to change the year.


I want this to use for my clients where the head count is less, and the they are not ready to subscribe for online software.


Posted 4 years ago by yashaswini

Hi Yahaswini,

I made this file but, its been long since I opened it last time. Actually, I am no more working on excel projects. Instead I am working to bring those excel files on web.

Tiktant is result of PSCA accounting utility I made using excel for accounting. You can use Tiktant for your accounting needs and also refer to your friends.

Regarding HR template, I will update you soon. Since it been more than a year I used that file.

Posted 4 years ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

Summarize payroll data in excel payroll summary by tax tracking type employee time & costs. Employee time & costs employees. Employee sick & vacation history. Employee direct deposit listing. Tax form worksheets. Certified payroll reports. Payroll liability accruals & payments. Deferred compensation report. Local tax summary payroll by department class. 

Posted 4 years ago by Neeraj bhagat

 @ Neeraj bhagat

What you trying to say? Do you have an excel file with this data or you need one?

Posted 4 years ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

Dear Pulkit Sharma....


This is Ganesh J i'm working as Asst Manager HR in Pipes Company, just i was looking Payroll software in google. but i got a one excel format in payroll function but that is not working properly   kindly  tell me that how can i used that PSA Hr Manager... if any thing original copy is there please let me know this is my no 9738887375 and i hope you give a replay as soon as possible..

Thanks with Regards

Ganesh J

Posted 4 years ago by Ganesh J

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