I am an accountant and most of the work I get is in form of freelancing. I am using Tiktant for all my accounting needs.

Tiktant is greatest and best software so far I have realized.

Within 2 months of its launch Tiktant has got a good traction and I found it to be better than tally and other accounting software.

Tiktant is made by chartered accountants and believe me you will be amazed by it after just 5 days of using it.

What you think of Tiktant?

Posted 4 years ago by Rahul Rai

I am a college professor and do some freelancing work. I started using Tiktant after seeing its ad on Tikshare itself. It has to be great since the software is made by our own Tikshare team.

A large pool of Chartered Accountants discussing on Tikshare have participated in making of this great software.

Best part about Tiktant is support we get.

Posted 4 years ago by Prakash mehta

xerox - best for small business

Quickbooks - Best for small business & freelancers

Freshbooks - Best for business focused on invoicing

Zoho books best for small businesses with a lot of inventory

freeagent best for business owners who need ease to use

Oneup best for experienced bookkeepers

Posted 4 years ago by Neeraj bhagat

Hi Neeraj,

Try Tiktant once, you will love it. These all you said are in market from a long time. Tiktant is just 2 months old and started by chartered accountants.

Posted 4 years ago by Prakash mehta


Posted 4 years ago by Neeraj bhagat

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