We want to start online sale business on eCommerce website,My permanent address is in Maharashtra, but currently staying in Karnataka state now, so

1- Can you advise from which state I need to apply VAT/TIN ?

2- I do not not have any retail shop so not have any registered address for shop or company, we are going to sale products from third party to eCommerce, so which type of VAT/TIN registration should we do?

Please advise.




Posted 4 years ago by Rakesh Patil

This topic is discussed too many times on Tikshare. Please seearch on search box given on this site. You will get many discussion similar to this.

Thank you

Posted 4 years ago by Rahul Rai


Pleas reach us 91+9739889226 or info@meeqindia.in  for VAT registration and young business setup.




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Posted 4 years ago by AMARNATH M

Every business man/woman or an aspiring business man/woman who wants to sell online often comes across the world VAT registration people often get confused so as to if they should get one or not Is it beneficial for them or not. 

for online business you'll need to file tax and registration paperwork with you area state country to make sure everything you are doing is legal. 

Posted 4 years ago by Neeraj bhagat

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