I wanted to start a small business, its related only supplying items to companies or offices in Bangalore, all over Karnataka & All over India. Companies are asking me TIN no. So please help me what are the requirements to apply the TIN no. is it necessary to give the documents for office space. because I am not keeping any materials in my place and I am in a rented house.  

As far as Gujarat VAT is concerned it is necessary to give office details irrespective you are procuring or storing goods at your office/Shop/ Godown.





Posted 4 years ago by HARDIK SHAH

Dear Mr Pulkit

I have existing Stationery Shop with xerox, lamination, color xerox facility. If I want to get registered with VAT and TIN number even if my annual turnover is not above 5 lakhs, what are the possibilites, can I registered my business for VAT and get TIN number? How should i go about this? Please help me out




Posted 4 years ago by Srinivas A

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