Investment is a good thing to do. But as most of us are expert in what we do and dont have much time to think or analyse about different Investment options.

What creteria do you set before taking any investment decision?

Well many of us who follow stock market, do trade or invest on the advices given by stock experts on TV, newspapers or magazines.

And the fantastic part is when you visit a website, sometime you see ads relating to stock advices. Once clicked you land on a page with success rates of advices.

Sometime you get pop ups of these type of ads:

My advice is always go for a professional and not big claims. And if someone says Cheap, its not the price he talks but Services.

Remember Cheap and Best never go together.

Posted 3 years, 12 months ago by Stock Guru

Not all expert advisor are the same and they all contain unique features and benefits, depending on their trading plan and strategy.

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Posted 3 years, 3 months ago by daltonsalford Dhaka

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