Hi All,

Recently I got my VAT registered in Karnataka state. But no CST.

So my questions are,

1. Shall I register for CST or just do the GST enrollment, in order to sell outside Karnataka? I'll start selling my products from April.

Since GST is around the corner, which will be easy for me?

2. If I go for GST, will I be able to sell outside state?



Posted 3 years, 7 months ago by rajkumar58 .

In my opinion :

Yes you need to register for CST. Though GST is round the corner it is not yet applicable, final apllicability date is yet to be decided.

Provisional GST registeration is started for thosewho are already registered under existing act.


conclusion :

CST registeration to be done for inter state sale

Posted 3 years, 7 months ago by Rupinder Kaur

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