As a tax consultant we have to deal with TDS filing. I have used Winman TDS and KDK ZEN TDS for filing.

As per me the review of both softwares is:

Winman TDS and KDK ZEN TDS for filing

Speed: Winman TDS is faster per me.

Userfriendly: Winman TDS is more user friednly, options are easily available and embeded in process flow. Example, while taking form 16A etc. for Traces, Winman ask Token number etc. in process flow. Incase of ZENTDS its hidden somewhere. I used customer support for that.

Customer Support: ZEN TDS wins here.

Useability without training: Filed using Winman without customer support, but took help of friends. Used customer support in case of ZEN TDS, and no other help required.


But both applications are superb, can choose any software to file the TDS returns.

Have you used any other softwares and what is your opinion?

Posted 3 years, 10 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

An advice from me.

Never Never Never buy useless KDK software.

Its the worst product that you will ever get. No idea how to do everything!!!

Too slow, too confusing and too irritating.

Winman is anytime smarter than KDK.

Downloaded a Justification report, to convert it in pdf asking password, but in case of winman its all automated.

Just create a company and provide details, things are automated in Winman, KDK is a looser here.

Winman gives you an idea where files are saved and every other details, in KDK you have to be smart rather than software.

KDK is made for people who have lot of time to waste.

Final verdict, GO FOR WINMAN TDS.

Posted 3 years, 10 months ago by Rahul Rai

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