Lot of advertisements, and also many people introduce themself as owners of a company.

But many dont have it. The first thing to remember to become a better professional is, Never let your lie or ignorance get Caught.

No one is perfect, but your customers, business partners and audiances are.

When we say i started a company or i own a company. The first impression listner get is we have a legal registered company.

You pass the business card. Client take the card, and search it in government portals to verify whether your company really exists or not!!!

And you will be shocked to know that most of time company does not exist in government records. I am discussing about the Company that many people refer to.

A company is legal registered entity. But in laymans language every business he does names it as company.

So next time when meet someone never introduce yourself as owner of a company unless you have one. Always mention your business entity as company if it is legaly registered with Ministory of Corporate Affairs.

Refer your business entity as Firm or Proprietorship and not company. Nowdays people are really smart and want to do business with reliable entities only. They prefer companies over firms and Proprietorship.

But its your responsibility to make it clear that you own a firm, Proprietorship or company.

Like most of the people, even businessman are ignorant sometime. But this ignorance can really damage the goodwill.

Posted 4 years, 1 month ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

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