What is wrong with Communist ideology, Can it replace Democracy or its a failed system?

Karl Marx came up with an idea to run a country. The communist Ideology. But very few countries today follow the ideology.

Cuba is one such country, and the standard of life is too low in Cuba. The other big countries that still have communist ideology are China and Russia.

But China seems to follow the ideology not 100%.

What is the reason that Communist ideology failed totally compared to Democracy and Capitalism?

As per me the reason is that Karl Marx ignored the basic greed nature of human beings. Humans tend to ignore failed people and follow successful people and wants to be successful always.

The only way one can prove himself successful in present world is by earning big money. And here the Communist ideology fails.

Karl Marx urged that the resources including the money earned by citizens belong to state and no property is private property. What he intended was to distribute wealth of rich to poor. And to bring every citizen on same level. But the human nature itself likes competetion. Communist ideology kills the competitive spirit, every human being want to earn big but why he will do that if his money is shared with others and his property is never his.

The communist theory is good to read but bad if implemented.

In India West Bengal and Kerala were ruled by communist parties for a long period (most of the period after independence) but these states being well educated could not contribute much to development of India. These states always had too much labour conflicts and government interventions.

Democracy and capitalism together are sometime reffered as an organised crime, but substitute communist ideology. Capitalism is mutually exclusive with communist ideology. But the human nature would always prefer capitalism over Communist ideology.

Posted 3 years, 11 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

The Success or failure of any system of governance has to be assessed over a large period of time and to judge a system of governance based on past 100 years or so may not be the right approach.  Democracy has many fatal flaws and would take a long time to list and discuss them.

Capitalism is based on the pardime of continous growth or continous consumption and to be very frank the unbridled consumption that we see in todays free market economy cannot be sustained in the long run because to support such levels of consumption would require endless supply of natural resources and earth is a closed system with limited natural resources ( If anyone is really serious about understanding this they have to read the book "The Party is over"  by Richard Heienberg )  And we will soon see a highly modified version of capitalism weather we like it or not say in about 5 to 10 years. Also capitalism has many flaws resulting in unequal distribution of wealth. So democracy combined with capitalism is defnitely organised crime and this will continue till there is nothing left to be robbed from general public or soverign nations.

Communist Ideology will defnitely not survive in its current form due to many flaws, How ever with the right modifications it can make a comeback but whos interested..... ?



Posted 3 years, 11 months ago by Tejasvi Bangalore

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