Viber announced that Not only is our service cheaper than that of Skype but Viber is available across platforms like mobile and desktop. 

“If a person is using the service on the desktop, one can pull all the contacts on the mobile from the desktop and we also offer a caller ID option.

Do you think Viber is better than skype.

Advantage of Viber over Skype are:

Calls from Viber to Viber are free.

The new service allows calls to even those outside the Viber network.


Call cost of Skype is 36.5 cents (Rs 22) for three minutes, those through Viber costs 7.5 cents (Rs 4.7) to a landline number, 387% cheaper, and for mobile its 148% cheaper.

Application availabe in Hindi.

Can get out from group chat without muting it!!

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