I got new Ration card done in less than 20 days. So it was quite quick so wanted to share the best procedure.

Steps to follow are

How to get a new APLLICATION - Ration card in Bangalore?

1. You will have to first take a token by sending a below SMS.

Send the message RCNEW FULLNAME to 9212357123.

Make sure you specify your full name correctly as the same name will be taken as reference hence forth. And you will not be able to change it later. In case you realize there is mistake you can send a message again and consider that as a reference.

2.  As soon as you SMS the applicant name, your mobile will receive an “Entry /token number and a security code” instantly. Use this token number and the security code to open your online ration card application at the Photo Bio center in ( urban areas) or Gram Panchayath (in rural areas).

3. Find your nearest Photo Bio center ( its Bangalore one center now) for Urban areas.

For Rural areas its Gram Panchayath office.

Use the below link to find one.

Click here

4. Quick check list so that you carry all the required details to the Bio center.

           I.            Token booking via SMS

           II.            Address proof (Latest electricity bill mandatory).

           III.            Photo ID Proof of all the family members( Adhaar letter or any other)

           IV.            Any other address proof for Head of the family. Card will be issued in His/Her name.

           V.            Introducer  - It is also mandatory to introduce you as an applicant by any known valid ration card holder of your taluk or Area. Hence you have to be accompanied by a known valid card holder of your area as your INTRODUCER to the photo center, while uploading your family members bio-photo details. The introducer should carry his original ration card and his resent electricity bill with him.

           VI.            Fee applicable – Max Rs. 200/- 

5. After you have found your nearest BIO center, go early to the office and get you token.

(Bangalore one center’s have very limited token say 20 to 30 so they process only those token that day)

6. Fill up all your required family information in the online application format without any errors. Upload your family member’s photographs and biometrics.

7. After the completely filling of your online application, get a “self declaration” downloaded and printed at the photo-bio center. Keep this very safely, This acknowledgement will help you get your Ration card.

8. Self-declaration should be jointly signed by the applicant and the photo-bio center login person., scan this signed declaration and upload online.

9. The usual processing duration is 30 days.

10. Visit your nearest “food civil supplies and consumer affairs” office after approx. 30 days later.

Find the office here

Pay Rs. 20/- and collect your ration card.

Note: This steps are for APL Cards only (APL- Above poverty line).

For BPL cards there is a verification step once you apply. Other steps remains more or less same.

Share and comment if you had any other experience.

Posted 4 years ago by Babulal Shiradana

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