You must be knowing about the circular CCA has issued regarding non acceptance of Supporting Documents attested by RA/LRA/RAO/FC. 

As per new circular DSC will be issued on supporting documents attested by Gazetted Officer or Bank Manager or Post Master. 

We appreciate CCAs efforts to restore institutions and banking industries’ faith in DSC business to make this business grow ahead of Taxation Applications like Income Tax, Comm. Tax ROC ect. 

But in practical life when we go to Banking Manager for attestation of documents they are generally not ready to attest documents other than Bank Statements same with Gazetted Officers, they are reluctant to attest documents of the person to whom they don’t know and the same is with Post Masters and they are even hard to find. 

Below are the email IDs of honourable CCa& Deputy CCA please send them mail regarding these practical problems and request them either to include Notary Attestation or to Continue RA/RAO/FC/LRA attestation for the sake of clients who want to purchase digital signature and for the survival of this business.

Forward this mail and ask associates below you to write to CCA regarding this.





You can start your email as below (Copy below text to your mail):


Respected CCA/Deputy CCA:


 Subject: Request in regards to CCA Office Order Dated 11th Dec 2013 ref No. CCA/DC(T)/2013-98 

Dear Sir and Madam: 

Remove this line and Write down your problem and request in your own language…..

Posted 4 years ago by Rahul Rai

I beleive the move by the RA, for ensuring registration of digital signatures for specified persons is a valid tool, as the professional risk is reduced only to vetting of documents and not of a incharge official certifying the correctness of address and identity.

The law perse has specified few catagory of persons entrusted to certify the genuiness of the identity and the address through mechanisum like KYC norms, government ID proofs like PAN, Voter ID, Ration card, Passport, Utility bills etc. These are a documentary proof which supports and establishs the identity, creditials on to person applying for the DSC.

A chartered accountants always takes a any unsystamatic risk of certifying these documents beyond the professional capacity for which he is trained to. Neverless Chartered Accountant can perform duties which are not professional in nature. CA is never expected to do these basic nature of attestation work based on government documents, which are quite risky, if there are change in identity, change in address, or a the DSC is performed for a artificial person who is not existant though records are availible.

I my opinion, the seggregation of these functions will bring about more creditability to the nobel profession the " CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT"



CA. Sundeep Kamath

Posted 3 years, 12 months ago by CA Sundeep Kamath

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