Some countries follow capitalist approach to their economic policies. Some follow socialist approach, but India follow the mix of both.

Its like khichadi of two economics. Khichadi is for sick people.

I read a beautiful story on this. And really liked it and would like to share it here. 

Story is of a finance company, where employees asked why should not all countries follow socialist method of economy?

The manager explained them with an example. He released memo saying next months onwards sales commission will be averaged of each employee and distributed equally.

The next month all employees got equal payout. The hard wordking employees were not satisfied and next month even they did not work hard.

And finaly every month the average sales commission kept falling.

The manager explained, the effect of socialist economy.


But in India its a mixed economy and this mixed economic policies resulted in Reservation, where most students work hard and get good marks but their job is given to undeserved with much less marks.

Again this mixed economy has resulted in schemes such as Narega, Free gifts etc.

Posted 4 years, 4 months ago by Stock Guru

From the mixed economy system we follow, it seems our leaders were confused from begining.

Neharu was the worst ruler ever. He was confused for economy, he was confused for Kashmir, he was confused for foreign policy. He was confused for everything. And we following his policies even now.

Because of this mixed economy still many companies are goverment controlled, and are controlling the natural resources. These companies have employees with dishonest motto, corrupted mind.

Why railway is not privatised, atleast should be done for intercity transport. Atleast accidents would come down.

Posted 4 years, 4 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

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