Each work got its own advantages and disadvantages. Lets discuss the jobs which are the most threatning to the health and dirtiest.

As per me the top labour jobs which are most dangerous are:

  1. Cement Industry: The workers in this industry have very low life expectancy. I happen to audit an construction company and what i noticed there was too threatning. The life expectancy of labours handling cement arrivals and distribution in warehouse was only 45 years!!! They were frequently given GUR (Jaggery), jaggery cleans the lungs so they could breath.
    Labours working in Cement warehouse
    The cement they inhale blocks their respiratory system and ultimately leads to life taking diseases. 
  2. Electrician Jobs: Atleast 100 labour each year dies because of electricity accidents. The job is too risky in India. The power houses are loosly controlled and most of the time the deaths are due to irresponsible handling of power cuts at power houses.
    Electricity Repairing and maintainance labours

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Posted 3 years, 11 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

I would like to add some other jobs which are very risky.

  1. Truck & Bus Drivers: Roads in India are good and people crossing them? You can always find people crossing highways without following rules. How many news we read everyday about accidents on roads. People in India are so ignorant that they will start burning these vehicles, without thinking about his role in the accident.
    Recent news of truck crashing a lady driving two wheeler was aired on tv. Tv anchors said irresposible and speeding truck crashed the vehicle!!! But it was mistake of lady driver, she crossed the road from wrong side and truck driver did not notice her. Since he was driving a bigger truck, is it his mistake? Just watch this video and decide how risky the job is!!!

Posted 3 years, 11 months ago by Prakash mehta

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