What will you in case Congree gets enough seats to make its candidate the prime minister? As we already know, congress will make Rahul Gandhi pm of India.

Ram Jethmalani once said if Rahul Gandhi becomes prime miniter of India many will migrate from country. Is he really capable of handling the issues that a PM handles.

What are his achievements till date? He have never taken charge of a single cabinet to prove himself. He is always silent on major issues, he was silent on Anna Hajare. His comments are always popularist.

He objected the 9 cylinder policy but what about his views on Gold imports? Never heard of him punishing the corrupt congress ministers. He talks of youth empowerment, all youth he empowere were already empowered(Sachin pilot, Jyotiraje scindia etc).

He says that he is not afraid of anything now, his dad and grandmother was killed. Just because his family members were killed, should he be made prime minister. Many people lost there family members in Sikh riots of 1984, how many of them were made even ministers by congress Party?

He remembers death of his grandmother but what about thousands sikhs killed in 1984 riots. Remeberin dead Sikh will not get him votes, but taking emotional support of grandmothers death will get him votes.

Which youths he refer, when he talks about youth empowerment? How many youths are in his cabinet (newly empowered). He says 9 cylinders, and its done. Why he dont order 50% seats reservation for youths and another for women?

He can not talk, he repeats.

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What will happen if Rahul Gandhi becomes Prime Minister of India.

  1. ManMohan Singh will no longer be the second worst prime minster of India.
  2. Gay marriages will be legal.
  3. India will be no more a developing country but an under-developed country.
  4. Justice Katju will be justified on his statement - "90% of Indians are idiot"
  5. Mission Kejriwal will be acomplished.

Posted 3 years, 8 months ago by Prakash mehta

Jokes on Rahul Gandhi will stop rounding.

Some of his jokes are:

Sonia: How was the interview beta?
Raga: Mom, I prepared for history exam and arnab took math's

Rahul Gandhi’s interview reminded me of the Azharuddin days.
Commentator: How is the pitch? Azhar: The boys played well

Arnab: What came first? The chicken or the egg??
RaGa: We want to empower the chicken and give RTI to the egg. :-D

If RaGa becomes PM, the red beacon that he'll get for his vehicle will
be called LOL batti

Rahul talked of empowering people a 100 times in 10 minutes. And he
has not been able to empower his PM in 10 years!

Rahul Gandhi just told Arnab Goswami that the questions are out of syllabus.

You know how in exams we know very little and try to fit it in every
answer? That's what Rahul is trying to do in every question!

The fundamental issue at hand is by the time Rahul understands the
question Arnab is on 3th question

Rahul Gandhi has now said 'empowering women' more number of times than
total women population of the country.

This is like watching 2 different shows. Arnab's questions and Rahul's answers.

Arnab: "Would you have a debate with Modi?"
Rahul: "Look we need an alternative. Tap global energy. Empower women!!!"

Arnab: What is your name?
Rahul: Empower women.

Just In: Arnab Goswami booked for raping Rahul Gandhi under section 377

If Stupidity was measured in bricks, Rahul Gandhi would be the great
wall of China.

Every time Congress try to dig a grave for Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi
jumps into it.

and the best....

If you missed, Rahul Gandhi interview will be repeated on Pogo Channel !!!

Posted 3 years, 8 months ago by Bada Mouth

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