Indian Stock market is evolving. Here is the list of top Broking firms in India:

  1. Angel Broking: The firm operates in PAN India. Have more than 5000 terminals.
  2. Motilal Oswal: Founded by Ramdeo Agrawal is one of the top broking firms in India.
  3. Sharekhan: Based in Bombay provides very competative brokerage rates.
  4. Karvy Stock Brocking Limited: One of the oldest broking firm, present in all over India. Recently in news due to ban on adding new customers.
  5. IndiaInfoline: Best part is provide stock related news and updates on the site. Compitative brokerage rates.

Banks which provide the Demates accounts and trading facilities through subsidieries are:

  1. SBI
  2. ICICI
  3. HDFC
  4. KOTAK Mahindra

Almost all banks have the facility for investment. But the brokerages firms are cheaper in charges and compete with each other to provide the services at lowest.

If one want to open the demat account for trading than traditional brokerage firms are most suited. If one wants to invest for long term than banks can be a good option.

Posted 7 years ago by Stock Guru

Agree with the list, these are ofcourse biggest stock broker firms in India. Have used the services of 3 brokers in list.

Found Karvy ok, Motilal Oswal is not worth of giving a try. HDFC Security is good but brokerage rates are too high.

The demat in banks are only for those who are not interested in day trading, for day trading traditional brokerage firms are best.

Posted 7 years ago by Rahul Rai

I have used Motilal Oswal trading is a very good platform for day Trading. Brokerage rates are also decent.

Posted 7 years ago by Rama Swamy


Even i have used the motilal oswal but problem is the software they provide disconnects frequently.

Once had a big lose due to that and after that stoped trading using their terminal.

The case was i short selled some stock at 2 and by 3:15 the software disconnected and i was not able to square off. Had a big loss and stoped using them.

You have any idea which firm has the best terminal?

Posted 7 years ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

@Pulkit Sharma

Connectivity is not related to the software. It has more to do with quality of one’s internet connection. If internet speed or quality of connection is not good, frequent disconnection can happen with any broker’s trading terminal.

My experience with Motilal Oswal has been very good

Posted 7 years ago by Rama Swamy


Agree with you. But i tried their software on laptop with BSNL net connection (its fast).

Overall MOSL is good at brokerage, very competitive rates.

Posted 7 years ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

Do you guys have any idea, which broker firm provides most accurate trading calls (Both long term and short term)?

Posted 7 years ago by Rahul Rai


The tips are not worth to use. Watch "The Wolf of Wall Street" and understand how brokers work. They are there to make money, and investment is an art.

Posted 7 years ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

In south India Way2wealth is one of the biggest broking firm. They have good softwares and advices are perfect.

Posted 6 years, 11 months ago by SUJEET KUMAR KUMAR

I would like to update the list according to latest numbers available:

  1. Indian Infoline
  2. Shrekhan
  3. Kotak Securities
  4. ICICI
  5. Angel broking

Posted 6 years, 2 months ago by Rahul Rai

On what basis the ranking is done? Is it according to number of clients or revenue these firms make?

Posted 6 years, 2 months ago by Stock Guru

Ventura capital is also doing well these days.

Posted 5 years, 6 months ago by Rahul Rai

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