Mahatma Gandhi is everywhere, almost in all documents issued by government of India. You find him on PAN Card, Currency notes, Government offices and at almost every possible place.

On what basis government promot Mahatma Gandhi? We don't see images of Bhagat Singh or Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose on any government document.

Why a premium treatment to Gandhi alone?

Was he the only person to fight for independence? And why he is referred as father of the nation? India was not founded by Gandhi, India existed even long before Gandhi was borned.

What you think, should not we give honor to other freedom fighters who lost their lives fighting for India?

If creteria is not independece than Buddha should be on the documents. He changed the world more than Gandhi, and Buddha was an Indian.

If social messages are to be considered than Kabir, Raja RamMohan Rai did more than Gandhi.

What is the reason that Gandhi is everywhere?

Posted 3 years, 7 months ago by Bada Mouth

The reason behind Gandhi on all documents as per me are:

  1. He fits in the secular list
  2. He was one of the founder members of Congress
  3. Congress was in power since inception of independent India
  4. He was famous, Congress wants to use his fame and doing it
  5. People in rural India and even in Urban India thinks that the current Congress party is the same which had Gandhi but truth is never told to them.
  6. you can notice that only Congress ruled states name most of the things on name of Gandhi
  7. Bhagat singh, Netaji or Azad do not fit in vote bank politics. They dont have caste or religious followers to lure. They were not associated with Congress.
  8. Biased education system in India, which teach that he was the founder of Ahimsa.

Posted 3 years, 7 months ago by Prakash mehta

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