Did you Know ?Blue lights from electronic devices causes Insomnia or Sleep loss.

Are you a gadget freak ??  Do you use too much of smartphones, tablets, laptops , watch LED TV ?

Do u always keep staring at your phone screens at night ??
Then, good luck . you may eventually have to be treated for Insomnia,  sleep disorder in which there is an inability to fall asleep or to stay asleep as long as desired

In July 2012, the American Medical Association have found that exposure to Excessive light at night and Excessive use of various electronic devices, can cause sleep disorders in children and especially adoslescents.

Here is the reason for that.
Electronic devices like LED TV, Smartphones, Tablets emit a kind of blue light, which is prominent in daylight. Our bodies associate this light with daylight, and this is the reason that exposure to blue light can make us more alert and also increase our responsiveness.
Melatonin , a harmone produced in human body usually remains high in late evening and night times and is not produced during the day. Bluelights suppresses this harmone and hence the sleeplessness.

Posted 3 years, 11 months ago by HS VEDANTA DESHIKA

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