Completed your professional degree and started practice. Completion of degree or starting of practice by professionals is first step towards successful career. The next question that comes is

How to Find clients?

Various methods that are available to professionals to market themself are:


Attending the social meetings, exchanging business cards and making friends. These social conatacts need to be converted into clientele. The problem here is that a well established member in clubs will have the authority on new joinee.

Classified Websites

Lot of people search the vendors on classified sites. Put your business ads on all classified sites. The best sites to choose are the one which appears first in google search.

Again the problem here is that you have to pay to appear on top in these websites.

Discussing Knowledge

Nowdays almost everyone google the problems before consulting someone. The best way to market yourself is by writing articles, discussing issues on internet.

I use knowledge discussing as a tool to get leads. I got atleast 3 clients by discussing on tikshare. For example anyone searhing in Karnataka "procedure to get vat registeration in karnataka" will come to the discussions posted by me.

Best part with discussion is that you dont have any competitors compared to clubs or classified websites. You post your knowledge, clients touched by your knowledge will surely contact you.

By joining a website you create an image and clients would like to contact a person who has given the proof of his talent.

If you don't want to invest money in advertisements (some professions like CA, CS etc does not allow its members to advertise), try to establish yourself as an expert on some sites. Tikshare is a good option, atleast i got clients.

You have to be very careful and professional while discussing on any site. Try to adhere to these:

  1. Never copy and paste others knowledge on your name
  2. Never try to directly advertise yourself
  3. Just write unique contents and let client decide
  4. Don't forget to share your posts
  5. Always answer the replies or comments of visitors, even if they are negative
  6. Try to join a website which does not have much competitors, ie professionals from same field as you.

Posted 3 years, 9 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

Really a nice post. I would like to add some other points i feel are very important for modern marketing.

Social Media Presence

Try to be on social media. Never post spams on social media sites. Be professional and answer the comments, don't argue with negative comments but try to solve them

Do not hesitate to contact

If found a requirement, contact. Never hesitate to call or mail the potential client.

Posted 3 years, 9 months ago by Rahul Rai

Yes,well said


I got 3 clients from caclubindia as i was in top 10 members list.May be they came to know about me from my replies



Writing online forums like Tikshare  is better and worth.Morever due to discussion we definetely learn Something new.

We can learn what we need and can share our knowledge to help others

Posted 3 years, 5 months ago by Ganesh babu k

I have learned a lot from tikshare. Its good to share what we know. Best part is that, tikshare as promised has come with the classifieds. We can list our business and people can verify our reputation by reading our posts on tikshare.

Posted 3 years, 5 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

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