Hindi News channel AAJTAK is in hate list of Indians present on social media.

The channel is airing the news defaming Narendra Modi and is supporting Congress, AAP - Internet Sources.

The hashtag #unlikeaajtak is being one of the most trending topic.

The various comments of people on twitter and facebook are:

Facebook pe #Aajtak ka official page ko #UnlikeAajtak karo #StopWatchingAAJTAK

AAJTAK the corrupted channel in hate list of Indians

A letter posted bt one FB user 

Dear Concern,

I am fed up with the irresponsible act of your Team Aaj Tak. Now I feel as if AAP has bought your channel Aaj Tak. By Highlighting AAP you are promoting populism and anti national ideology. There are a number of other serious issue in this country which requires media attention like terrorism in J&K, infiltration of bangladeshis and Pakistanis in India, atrocities on Hindus in Bangladesh etc.

I am a regular viewer of your channel since foundation days of Aaj Tak. But now I am compelled to switch to other channel to get access to day to day news.

Many friends of mine have already asked their service provider to stop Aaj Tak Channel.

Because of this reason it is sure that your TRP will fall in coming days and you will loose commercial also.

Best of luck for future days,

rajesh singh

What is your take on this, Is AAJTAK really a paid newchannel or is just a target of internet rumors?

Posted 3 years, 11 months ago by News Reporter

AAJTAK is the hopeless channel. NDTV always supports Congress (Some congress mp own the part of this channel) but NDTV atleast have the good anchors.

AAJTAK have the list of anchors who are highly doubtable and screame on channels. They are highly unprofessionals.

A photo of one of the reporter of aajtak is rounding facebook. Photo is of aajtak news reader Anjana Kashyap.

AAJTAK the corrupted channel in hate list of Indians

I believe all Indian Hindi news channels are nightmares for any viewer. They make the news instead of reporting the news.

Read The Corrupt face of Media.



Posted 3 years, 11 months ago by Bada Mouth

yes AAjtak is one of the worst news channel in India. The Channel needs to be shut down. The corrupted and paid news channel.

Irony is that the channel claims to be number one Indian news channel without any base.

Posted 2 years, 6 months ago by Prakash mehta

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