1. Provision of canteen where more than 250 workers are ordinarily employed. 

2. Facilities for washing ,storing & drying clothing , sitting ,shelter and rest room. 

3. First Aid Appliances

4. Provision of crèches where 30 or more women workers are ordinarily employed.

5. Lunch Room to be provided if there are more than 150 workers. 

6. Welfare Office with Ambulance room where there are 500 or more workers. 

7. Qualified safety Officers to be appointed if there are more than 1,000 workers. A qualified Labour Welfare Officer to be appointed, if there are more than 500 workers.

8. Working Hours: 48 hours in a week and 8 hours per day. A worker will be entitled double the rate of wages if he is engage to work beyond 9 hours per day and over 48 hours a week. A worker may be engaged on over time work maximum of 50 hours in a quarter.

9. The Act prohibits Employment of young persons less than 15 years of age.

10.The Act provides for allowing annual leave with wages @ 1 day for every 20 days of work.

11. Details provisions of contained regarding obligations of the employers and the penal consequences arising out of non-implementations of the provisions of the Act.

12.The Act provides for detailed provisions regarding enforcing and implementing the provision of the Act. The powers and functions of such enforcement officials are laid down.

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