Pan Masala or Gutkha is national chewing food of India. Gutkha is a mixture of Tobacco,  betel nut (Supari), catechu, paraffin, slaked lime and sweet or savory flavorings.

Top Gutkha and Pan Masala producing companies in India

The top manufacturers of Gutkha in India are:

  1. Dharampal Satyapal GroupThe top manufacturer of Gutkha. The products are Rajnigandha, Tulsi, BABA etc.
    Rajnigandha-The top selling Pan Masala of India
  2. Manikchand GroupOne of the biggest manufacturer of Gutkha in India. Famous product is RMD.
    RMD-The panmasala and Gutkha
  3. JMJ Group: The famous Panmasala and Gutkha products is GOA Panmasala and GOA Gutkha.
    GOA Pan masala

Posted 6 years ago by Stock Guru

Gutkha is the dangerous eatable thing.

What Gutkha has done to India and Indians:

Gutkha is the slow poison

The number one reason for mouth cancer in India is Gutkha.

Gutkha one of the top reason for oral cancer in India

Posted 6 years ago by Bada Mouth

I guess stock guru has lot of experience in chewing the pan masala. Hahaha. Smoking, drinking, chewing pan parag and any kind of bad habits whatsoever are never promoted on this site. We advise everyone to quit all the bad habits, easier said than done.

Posted 6 years ago by HS VEDANTA DESHIKA

I am not a fan of Gutkha. Tobacco in any form is dangerous. Smoking is more danger than chewing tobacco.

This post should be read in business prospective. I do not recommend any tobacco product, neither i encourage anyone to chew it.

Posted 6 years ago by Stock Guru

Rajanigandha Pan Masala is the most sold pan masala i think. But in last 5-6 months the news is spreading regarding quality of Rajanigandha Pan Masala.

The quality of Rajanigandha pan masala is deteriorating.

Rajanigandha is the most faked product in this segment. Lot of sellers are distributing duplicate Rajanigandha.

Posted 5 years, 2 months ago by Bada Mouth

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