I wanted to discuss on cost of the medicines. The costing of branded medicines is very high. The same medicines you can get at very low cost almost 10 times lesser the price of branded one with same formula. These medicines are commonly known as generic however generic medicines are not much available in our country. This may be due to the influence of these branded companies. The poor people below poverty can’t afford to have the branded medicines. Why not government take steps to make available generic medicines ? This can save the cost of common people. Please spread this news so that gov’t can make available these generic medicines. Please support me to spread this news.

Eg: Medicines of cancer are out of reach for a common man. These are very costly if you go for a branded one however the same one is available at very less price in generic form

The above data is taken from "Satyameva Jayatey".

Posted 3 years, 10 months ago by Mukesh Solanki

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