Bangalore is without any doubt the worst city to live. Huge traffic jams, bad roads, inflation, high property costs are the some of the problem that citizens of the city face.

Bangalore developed at a high speed but could not mange the development of its infrastructure.

The other cities that could forecast the requirements of good infrastructure and came up with really good infrastructure to lure the business organisations.

The cities which have good infrastructure are Chandigarh, Delhi, Jaipur, Indore, Ahamedabad etc.

What you think are the best cities of India to live and do business?

Posted 3 years, 10 months ago by Stock Guru

I will comment about the cities that i have visited.

  1. Bangalore: Stay in this city, the city is perfect for businessmans. City has lot of drawbacks - High corruption, bad roads, traffic jams, unplanned infrastructure. Corruption level is highest in the cities and can be named as most corrupted city of India.
  2. Bhopal: Calm and peaceful. Traffic not a problem but the number of vehicles are very less compared to Bangalore.
  3. Jaipur: The best roads i have seen in Indian cities. Wider roads, less traffic jams.
  4. Kolkata: Traffic Jams, public is not co-operative, corrupted, violance. Government changed since i visited the city. Someone from kolkata can update the current situation.
  5. Delhi: Corruption, crime, traffic jams, rush etc. can be named as identity of Delhi.
  6. Mumbai: Same as Delhi.

I would name Bangalore and Jaipur as best place to live. Bangalore as a best place to do business.

Posted 3 years, 10 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

My reply was not associated with question directly. Infrastructure is good in Jaipur, Ahamedabad and Hydrabad compared to Bangalore.

Posted 3 years, 10 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

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