India have around 15 crore online users. The Internet is reaching out at a very fast speed in this decade. The decade can be named as internet decade for India.

E-Commerce websites in India are making their fortune by tapping the untouched market. The top E-commerce (Retail) websites of India are:

  1. - Flipkart founded by Bansals is the top online retailer of India. It holds more than 50% market share. The company touched the magical figure of $1 billion recently.
  2. - The online fashion and apparel store is the India's second largest online retailer. Myntra is one of the portal that have positive cash flow. Myntra was founded by Mukesh Bansal.
  3. - Snapdeal was originaly a coupon redeam portal, and ventured in online retail business. The portal was founded by Rohit Bansal.
  4. - Lenskart deals in eye gears. The portal was founded by Peyush Bansal and is currently the top portal for eye gears.

The above e-commerce portals holds a market share of 83%. The Indian online retail market is of 12,000 crore, out of this 10,000 crore is hold by these 4 portals.

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Flipkart and Myntra are the big competitors for E-bay and Amazon in India. Amazon holds a big market share in US but finding it tough to tap the Indian markets.

The amazing story of rise of flipkart facinates everyone. The issue with flipkart is its negative cash-flow till date.

Myntra and snapdeals can be named as winners due to their ability to have positive cash-flow and a profitable portal.

Flipkart deals in almost all items except grossary and kirana items. Lenskart and Myntra have strong grip on the category they operate.

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Here is a picture by Economictimes that tells the true story of market share and founders of these portals.

Top E-Retailers of India

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