Why is TV9 media networks Kannada channel targeting DK Shivkumar ?

From past 3 days TV9 kannada and News 9 are continously broadcasting programme on DK Shivkumar , the Energy Minister of Karnataka accusing him of Man-handling a lady journalist in a failed sting operation conducted by the news channel.

No other kannada news channel is supporting them in this protest. DK Shivkumar's supporters have man-handled a lady journalist and a complaint has been filed with Police.

No action has been taken against the minister by the police.

What is Mr sidramaiah Doing ?

What is the home minister doing ?

Law and Order in the state is at stake and no action has still be taken even by the Governor. Whether there is any protection for women in this state?

Is Democracy still prevalent in India?

Is it a crime to expose Corrupt people in this country?

Posted 6 years, 2 months ago by Rakesh Bharadwaj

The story has 4 sides.

  1. The rights of journalist to conduct sting operations.
  2. The rights of DK Shivkumar to have a private life.
  3. Handling of journalist by goons of minister.
  4. Was Dk Shivkumar right or Journalist.

The rights of journalist to conduct sting operations

TV or any other journalist has the rights to conduct sting operations but it should be done in a manner acceptable. The journalist should be professional enough to not get caught. Its not first time someone did a sting operation.

It reminds me of failed sting operation of ZEE news and Navin Jindal. The News channel was at foul.

The rights of DK Shivkumar to have a private life

Every individual whether a politician, actor or sport person have the rights to live a peaceful life without any intervention by external body.

DK Shivkumar has all the rights to take legal action against any body found capturing the private moments.

Handling of journalist by goons of minister

The way in which minister behaved with journalist is not at all acceptable. Dk Shivakumar could have called the police and get the journalist arrested but physical violance is not acceptable.

Was Dk Shivkumar right or Journalist

As per me Dk Shivkumar was right to the extent of getting jounalist arrested but his abusing behaviour is not acceptable.

The journalist was wrong from begining as no one has the right to intervene in anyone's private life.

Posted 6 years, 2 months ago by Bada Mouth

@Bada Mouth

I dont agree with your views on who is right and who is not. Everyone is right from his own perspective. But, my questions are clearcut , why has not police registered any FIR on DK Shivkumar eventhough a complaint has been filed for molestation of Woman. When the sting operation failed and the news reporters showed their ID card, why were Mr DK Shivkumars behaving like goons in front of Police. It is high time Mr Bharadwaj, Honourable Governor of Karnataka insists DK Shivkumar to resign else people of this state will have to get to roads and protest in large numbers.      


Posted 6 years, 2 months ago by Rakesh Bharadwaj

What Mr. Dk Shivkumar has done:

  1. Got journalist arrested.
  2. Behaved wrong.

The first action is justifiable, giving bribe and taking bribe is an offence. Journalist in sting operation offered the bribe, the offence occured so the arrest.

On second action, i agree he was wrong.

Regarding police not filing FIR against Shivkumar, law has to take action. DK Shivkumar is mis using the position he holds.

The issue here is corruption and mis-governance, Congress is the ruling party in Karnataka and i have nothing to speak about this topic.

Congress is mother of Corruption and mis-governance. DK Shivkumar is a product of it.

Posted 6 years, 2 months ago by Bada Mouth

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